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Sunday 17 November 2019

A chilly morning....

This last week or so we have had some gloriously sunny but very chilly days.  There is a smattering of snow on the Hoy hills.  Quite early this year.  But I'd rather sunny and crispy than wet and windy.  And at least we aren't troubled by the horrendous floods further South in the UK.  My heart goes out to people who have lost their homes.

Anyway these few photos were taken last Wednesday after I'd been to feed Charlie the Barn Cat and the hens.

Ward Hill on Hoy wears a blanket over the dusting of snow/hail!  The Manse on the hill there above Sandside bay is now under offer after being up for sale for a couple of months.  It will be lovely to have neighbours living there again,.

I love a high tide. 

A work boat heading off down the flow.

Hoy High, and the Orphir hills on the Orkney Mainland with a dusting of the white stuff too.

And then later in the morning we had coffee sitting out on the bench.  Button made the most of the last of the warm sun to sunbathe...

And the hens enjoyed the warmth of the sun on their backs too.