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Thursday 14 November 2019


Yes I know it was a couple of weeks ago, but all this working gets in the way of blogging!  Anyway here are some picture of the Halloween Party on the island.  It's aimed at the children but of course all the adults have to join in too. Why should kids have all the fun?

Above are all the junior scary monsters, lead by head witch, Irene.  The children dress up and have to do a party piece then they are given sweeties. I tend to retreat once the sugar hits their blood stream!

There are traditional party games  - like the eye and spoon race...

Then there is the limbo dancing...... these girlies had an advantage being the smallest but still were amazing!

And apple bobbing.... there's a witch caught in the act of aparating in the kitchen.

A skeleton offers advice...

Head Witch, Irene supervises all the games...

There is always plenty to eat - though some of it in lurid colours!

And the hall is decorated a few days beforehand...

Everyone seems to enjoy themselves - er these two look like they are trying to outscare each other!

Then the children gather to do their party piece before the sweet-fest....

And yes I dressed up too! I was a glam witch..... naturally (no chickens were harmed in the process of the feather boa...).


  1. Though I'm much of a fan of Halloween, it's nice that they all had a fun time!!! Nice to see all the photos.

    1. Meant to say though I'm 'not' much of a fan

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  3. Mike,
    That last message was me Sian,
    Went unknown by mistake cheers.