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Sunday 26 January 2020


The last week or so has seen better weather, less of the high winds.  Though it's all relative - many days it has still be 40mph.  But the days ARE getting longer, sunrise is now at 8.35 and sunset at 16.15.  It's surprising how noticeable it is and most welcome!

So far no power cuts (most power lines are overhead in Orkney and susceptible to wind damage).  But I'm prepared with lanterns and red shoes.... "There's no place like home..... come on Toto (er Button).... there's no place like home..."

And one of the TEN hens has started laying again.  Now the light is returning I'm hoping one or two more might feel inclined to join in....

Look you can see the sun rays! Sun rising over Windbreck hill on Graemsay....

Sunrise over Windbreck

The whole sky was alight with the sunrise...


  1. Mmmm ... is your neighbours house already sold? ;-)
    As almost always: Stunning photos. Thank you, Sian.

  2. Uff! And here is the forgotten '.