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Sunday 21 February 2021

Snow (end of....)


The snow disappeared last weekend but I'm playing catch up with blogging so here are the last of the "snow" photos.   

In other news - had my vaccination this week! First shot anyway.  I went into Kirkwall as I had a routine hospital appointment and also got my vaccination.  The nurse from the local health centre came out and did those that are unable to leave the island and travel to Kirkwall.  So the island folk are slowly getting their vaccines which is great.  There are no photos from my trip however - it was a wet and very windy day and not conducive to photos!  I was just glad to get back home and be warm and cosy on the sofa.  I had the Pfizer vaccine and have felt tired for the last couple of days which could be as a result of the vaccine or some other treatment I had.  But all is good otherwise.  Right - snow photos....

Above the sun setting behind the hills on the island of Hoy.  Below, incoming clouds behind Hoy High lighthouse and on the left you can see the fog creeping along the Sound...

Whispy sea fog creeping along the shore of Stromness....

Sheep rootling around for grass in this one.... they were getting hay and sheep nuts as supplemental feeding all the while there was snow on the ground.  Bet they had cold hooves though...

And from the opposite side of the shore in the above photo THIS was the view! Thanks to Carrie Holdsworth-Dodge for sending it to me and giving me permission to use it.

Meanwhile on the calm days Button was keen we went for a walk.  I'm sure she was a dog in a previous life as she is almost hopping from paw to paw as I get boots, coat, hat and gloves on. 

Meanwhile the hens are still incarcerated in the henny house due to DEFRA rules because of outbreaks in the UK of Avian Flu.  Fortunately they seemed happy enough to stay indoors during the bad weather.  The hen house is of stone construction with a corrugated roof with roof "lights" so is reasonably well lit and certainly well ventilated.  I've put much more hay down than they usually have (usually it's just in their roosting area and nest box). They enjoy rummaging around in the hay, there is some grit for them to scratch about in, lots of water bowls, and as well as the grain hopper they get fresh fruit and veg and corn scattered in the hay....  Think they would still much rather be outdoors but hey ho....  There is at least a couple more feet of hen house behind me - so as you can see they have a reasonable amount of room...sigh...

And they get a bowl of porridge every morning too....

And finally - another sunset!


  1. Our girls are not keen on been locked up either, but better to be safe than sorry.

    1. Oh yes definitely - we need to keep them safe!

  2. Terrific to hear you've had your first jab. And your hens look very well looked after.

  3. Last snow of the year for you maybe. I hope the hens are allowed out soon.

    1. We have had snow in June so it may well NOT be the last snow but fingers crossed!!