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Monday, 22 March 2021

Along the shore....


The scale of the cloud is only fully appreciated when you look at the farm buildings at the base!  

Low cloud drifting over the hoy hills.  All calm in Sandside Bay

A wren who was quite cross that we were invading his/her territory.  Hopefully NOT nesting in these creels or they will get a nasty surprise once fishing starts again!

Button likes life on the edge....

I can't wait for the land to start to green up again....

And a very low flying RAF Hercules (they are often on training flights over Orkney).  OK it looks like a bird - top left hand side...

Middle on this one...

Small white blob bottom middle - is a seal.... yes I know my camera skills leave a lot to the imagination!

Low cloud/mist over the hills of Orphir on the Orkney Mainland

Bejewelled leaves 

These stones are laid by the doors of the old house/byre.  Much less slippery when wet than the traditional flagstones.  They may have been a later addition when the old house was turned into a stable for the farm horses and byre for the cattle.

And later in the afternoon the sky cleared.....


  1. Beautiful, a little green here and there is just starting to appear here/ Love the stones.

  2. Nice views, as usual. And we also get low-flying Hercules visits and they scare the heck out of me when they come over the rooftop preceded by a dreadful noise.

  3. Lovely photos. That plane was flying very low.
    You live in a wonderful place. Cheers to Buttons

  4. Impressive skies, thats a great first picture. Just outside Macynlleth is an area known as the Mach Loop where you can see the planes practising low passes, its exciting.