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Monday 29 March 2021

Along the Stromness waterfront


Along the waterfront

I love the Stromness waterfront.  Many of the old houses are built on piers, and have slipways tinto the water.  This is similar to Norwegian fishing villages apparently.

Some building work going on along the pier to one of the houses....

A boathouse at the end of a pier, and a former church is now a venue for community events including plays and concerts (the Town Hall)

Orkney Harbours have brought two new tugs into commission recently.  These are the two older ones - not sure what their fate is...

And this is the Golden Marianna.  It usually sails between the tiny island of Papay Westray and the larger island of Westray.  It's in Stromness going for an annual check.  It will then come on service for Graemsay while our  ferry goes for annual checks.  It's never popular on Graemsay as the vessel isn't that easily accessible, particularly if you are trying to carry shopping.  No cargo requiring havy lift crane can be delivered either - though we are given fair warning so we can get things delivered before or wait until our "proper" ferry returns.  With Covid-19 regulations this vessel can also take few passengers and has little outside space.  However it should only be on for a couple of weeks so we will make the best of it.

I loved watching the waves as the ferry cut through the water....

Spring ploughing along the Stromness coast....

Home again - a rainbow over Graemsay.....

View from Sandside over the bay on a sunny day.


  1. Stromness does look interesting I imagine it having quaint streets and alley ways.

  2. I never read your blog without thinking how lucky you are to live there--well, maybe not when I read about the water problem!