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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Random April photos......


The weather over the last couple of weeks can best be described as "changeable".  Regular British weather then!  I'm trying to venture forth once a week to the Orkney Mainland - weather permitting.  Orkney is currently in Level 3 and likely to remain so for some weeks to come.  However from this coming Friday we can meet outdoors with up to 6 people from 6 different households (a change from one other household with a number limit).  From 26th April travel will be allowed across Scotland (at the moment to and from Orkney is "essential travel" only).  And from 16th May then folk can travel to and from the rest of the UK AND we can meet a limited number of people indoors.  It's all a bit complicated but mostly won't affect what I am doing.  I get my second vaccination on 6th May (also polling day for Scottish elections).  I will mostly meet folk outdoors for the summer and just see how things go as everything opens up and visitors start arriving......

Anyway back to photos.... Blue sky over Hoy and Graemsay

Hoy High light and Sandside

Leaving Graemsay and heading to Stromness

A lovely sky over these small islands called The Holms which are linked by a causeway at low tide to Stromness.  The house  on the island was up for sale a while ago.  Not sure if it has been sold yet or not....

Over Winter boats are taken out of the water and given a lick of paint.  This one is now ready to be taken back into the water...

And a chance for takeaway coffee and cake at Julia's cafe with a pal!

And a run into Kirkwall to meet up with another pal for a picnic in Tankerness House Gardens (behind the Orkney Museum which is shown in the photo below).  

The gardens are a lovely quiet place to sit just off the main street (Broad Street) in Kirkwall.  It was a bit chilly this particular day but we had flasks and rugs!

The spire of St Magnus Cathedral between the rooves of the town....

The garden looks a bit sparse at this time of year.... still well maintained though!

In the garden is the relocated "Groatie Hoose".  This was moved from its original location in another part of Kirkwall.  It was a former summer house of one of the wealthier inhabitants of Kirkwall!  The "Hoose" was made from ballast from a notorious pirate's ship that was Pirate Gow when he was captured in 1725.  The roof was originally covered with tiny cowrie shells found on local beaches and known in Orkney as "groatie buckies".

Back at home the hens have been delighted to get out and about again after their own "flockdown".

They just love sunbathing, stretching out wings and legs to soak up the warmth....

And Spring brings new growth and flowers - some of which managed to weather the - er - weather...

Most of these catkins ended up on the grass in the wind and snow.  But new green leaves are coming through regardless....


  1. All those lovely skies! And I love "flockdown"!

    1. The girls were very glad flockdown was over!

  2. Great photos as usual and even greater that the hens are out of jail. Orkney is quite high on my list of "Never been but must go to" places. We planned a trip a few years ago but every hotel we investigated was fully booked.

    1. Yes hotels can be busy and expensive (comparatively). B&B's and self catering seem to be plentiful though. Hope you get to visit one day!

  3. Great photos so nice that some of the restrictions are been eased and the hens are free to roam again.

    1. Absolutely! Both hens and I are glad to be roaming a bit free-er now!