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Friday, 16 April 2021

The view from Hoy......


From the top of Ward Hill to be precise!  Thanks to Trish Avis for a) climbing the hill and b) sending me these photos!  Stromness is on the other side of Graemsay in these photos....

And a closer look at Sandside and Hoy High lighthouse....


  1. Graemesay looks so small. According to Google its population is 28. Do you all know each other? Dare I ask if you all manage to more or less "get along"? How long have you lived there? Ignore my questions if you wish!

    1. The population is currently 22. Yup we all know each other! And yes we do more or less all get along! We might not all agree on everything but we keep it civil! And our community events have always been well attended and very jovial! The island has a strong community spirit. We don't live in each others pockets but pre-covid anyway it was a pretty sociable island!