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Thursday, 29 July 2021

Hmmm well that was July....


Not sure where the month went really..... I've been out and about a few times, the weather has been largely warm and windless (oh joy!).  Also almost no rain, though a fair bit of fog and a certain amount of grey sky which isn't conducive to photographs.  Anyway will try and post a few photos over the next week or so.

Covid-19 continues to rumble on in Orkney with one or two cases almost daily. Largely from folk returning from visits South.  We are in Level 0 along with the rest of Scotland. That may change from the 9th August where the remaining restrictions may be lifted.  Although the Scottish Government have indicated that mask wearing will be mandatory for indoor settings for some time to come.  Much to my relief!  

Tourism has opened up again and Orkney is much busier than the last 18 months, though I think numbers are down, particularly those from overseas due to the international border restrictions.  But again that is set to change.  And the cruise ship industry is gearing up and we have 44 cruise ships booked to visit Orkney between now and November.  Shudders.... fortunately I can evade most visitors but others have little choice and as ever the cruise ship industry in Orkney remains controversial among the population, more so now with Covid-19.

But here are some tranquil photos of sunsets (and fog....) this last month....

Sun shining through a misty sky....

Sunshine through the rain....

A rainbow over Hoy High lighthouse and and Sandside bay (and my house of course!).  Photo courtesy of Audrey Lee.

Hoy High in the fog!

No competition for the sun to battle through this time....

Though sometimes I am just too lazy to get off the sofa to go out and take a photo. Hee hee!

And a bouncing ball of a sunset.... I'm guessing it's something to do with refraction on the phone camera lens as it didn't look like this to the eye!

And on a grey evening, high tide at Sandside Bay at the end of June....


  1. Very beautiful photos and landscapes

  2. I can understand your worries about the cruise ships. We have often visited Tobermory and I think they have also been inundated by visitors from them. We were due to go to Mull last year, cancelled because of Covid, deferred until this year and then we had to cancel again due to health issues. Sorry to go on, but just wanted to say your video of the seashore, with the birdcalls in the background and the sound of the waves brought back so many memories of our Scottish holidays, and I really appreciated it!

    Hope you can stay safe and well x