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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Meanwhile.... back in June....


Well it took me a while to sort through photos, download them and all that jazz.... anyway here are some photos from the end of June.  More of the same with sunsets, sea, flowers, oh and a random hedgehog, so hope I'm not boring you!

Sadly the buttercups have "gone over" now but they were magnificent for a good few weeks.

I spy a boat in the bay.... this is the "Gremsa" a home built Orkney Yole (first launched in 1999.  It's 18 foot and known as a "South Isles" yole, and carries two spritsails and a jib.

I chatted to the folk when I saw them on the shell beach looking for Groatie Buckies (tiny cowrie shells). They had sailed over from Stromness for a few hours.

Looking across Sandside Bay on a warm but grey day.

The "main" Graemsay road that winds its way around the island.  The cow parsley was in full flower then.

Raindrops clinging to the feathery grass heads.

Back to the sunsets....

And finally a fairly apocalyptic sunset....

Late evening sun on Sandside beach....

Um.... this is a "hydro" (presumably short for hydro-electric) pole - for the overhead electricity cables that run across the island. One of the poles nearly went on fire recently as some crows had built a nest on the transformer atop a pole. The nesting material bridged across the two wires and caused a power outage and very nearly a fire atop the pole.  Fortunately the company that manages the lines (we refer to as the Hydro Board but it's probably something like Scottish and Southern Electricity company nowadays!) came out in a wee boat and were able to effect repairs.  However the following week they sent out a spare pole together with a spare transformer.  It's fairly easy to get workmen out rapidly (weather permitting) in a small boat, but obviously large poles and transformers are trickier to transport.  Fingers crossed they are not needed. Although we did have another short power cut again last week so maybe....

Button "chairing" a meeting - no one is listening as usual!

Once morning as I drew the blinds in my bedroom I spotted a hedgehog crossing the road.  I've seen hedgehogs around the house but it's unusual to see them out in daylight and I was a bit worried it might get run over as people headed for the morning ferry.  So in pyjams and slippers I rushed out to the rescue. Well...... actually all I did was watch where it went and guide it off the road into the farm buildings.  I ran back to get some cat food in case it was hungry but on my return it had disappeared.  I've since learned that female hedgehogs sometimes leave the nest and hoglets during the day for a walk, food or water. 

 There are a number of water bowls around the old farm buildings and in the garden so hopefully if she was after water she found it!  I haven't seen her since but there has been evidence of a hedgehog in the garden so I'm hoping it was her...or him...


  1. Main road doesn't look too busy!

  2. Nice photos, I especially like the ones with raindrops. Interesting to see the hedgehog, I wonder if there are many on the island, and how did they get there in the first place. I know hedgehogs can swim but its a fair distance from the main Island.