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Sunday 10 October 2021



On Friday I had a friend visiting for the day. It was lovely to catch up on news and spend time together.  The weather in the morning was unpromising with thick fog, but it cleared in the afternoon and in any case didn't stop us rootling about on the shore!  So just a few photos of a visit to the coral beach.

Sun shining on the land just outside Stromness

The sea was so calm, the seaweed just gently swaying back and forth in the ripples of the tide.

One of the mooring rings on the old lighthouse pier.

Treasures from the shore....

Groatie buckies (UK 1p for size) - tiny cowrie shells, much prized (though not uncommon) in Orkney.

We had a replacement ferry on a couple of runs.  This is a new to Orkney ferry and will be on service between Westray and Papay Westray, two of the more Northerly Orkney islands.


  1. Love the quiet feel of the photos.

  2. I love your pictures showing how your views change through the year (and all the ones of Button of course). Your new ferry looks very posh, but of course sometimes the glossier-looking replacements don't have the advantages of the old ones..... You will probably be happy to have your usual one back!

    1. Thank you! And yes we were happy to get our own ferry back - the other one was a bit of style over substance if you know what I mean!