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Monday, 25 October 2021

Random out and about....


These photos are from earlier this month.  I've not been out and about much, though the weather for October in Orkney has been amazing.  It's been mild, not very windy, though wetter than for some time.  Life is pretty quiet for me at the moment, which is probably no bad thing!  There has been a spike in Covid-19 cases in Orkney recently, the result of increasing social events indoors etc.  So I'm being very circumspect on where I go.  Anyway these photos were taken on a trip to the Orkney Mainland.

Above is Hoy High lighthouse, with the Hoy hills beyond. And again below, with Sandside next door...

And here is Hoy Low peering round the corner at the Western end of the island.

Sailing into Stromness harbour

Out at Birsay on the West Mainland - bit of a breeze so the surf was up and over the causeway to the Brough of Birsay tidal island

There is a small tea room out at Birsay that does wonderful food (especially Cake!) and overlooks the bay.  It's been really good with Covid-19 protection meausres and I've felt reasonably safe going there for lunch so it has been a favourite haunt.  Cattle in the field and nice rollers on the shore.

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