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Monday 29 November 2021

A lot of weather about...


Photo: Charilie Groundwater

There's been a lot of weather about this last weekend.  In the end Orkney fared far better than many other places on the North-East coast of Scotland and England.  We had a North-Easterly gale in Orkney, which is an unusual direction for such a fierce wind. It lasted for a couple of days, together with torrential rain and hail.  But Orkney is used to gales even in Summer and so most things are perpetually tied down - sheds, hen houses, wheelie bins, though not always trampolines..... ahem....

Anyway all is ok here with me.  I'm just not venturing far which is nothing unusual for me from November to March!  I hibernate, or at least go into sloth mode.  I did venture to Kirkwall last week for my covid booster and a chance to catch up with some friends (socially distanced as we had a large -for -Orkney spike in cases recently). But mostly I'm staying close to home.

Anyway the above photo was taken from the Stromness side of the water by Charlie Groundwater who daily walks along the shore.  This one shows an awful lot of weather over Graemsay, Hoy High (and me next door).

And (like a well know online retailer) "you might also like" this short video of Stromness uploaded in April 2020 but shots taken during the preceding year.


  1. A wonderful video. I need to visit Orkney.

  2. Echoing Andrew: A wonderful video. Thank you, Sian.
    And I do hope one day I shall re-visit Orkney.

  3. Thank you for the well-done video from Stromness