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Thursday, 4 November 2021

Running out of ways to say another random post.


Stromness Lifeboat and Hoy High Light on Graemsay
Photo Credit: Richard Clubley

But... here is another random post......

Orkney has been in the news recently.  Firstly with a drone plane delivering parcels from Kirkwall on the Orkney Mainland to North Ronaldsay, one of the more Northerly of the Orkney islands.  You can see a YouTube video of it here.....

And then this week on ITV was a programme devoted to the testing and implementation of renewable energy in Orkney.  Sadly I expect you can't watch this outside the UK.  It's an interesting film and Orkney looks great.  However, no mention is made that Orkney has one of the highest levels of fuel poverty and no we don't benefit with cheaper electricity despite all the energy produced locally and fed into the grid.  It's a very sore point with locals.....  Click on the link below to view the programme  (30 mins)

Orkney: Britain's Green Islands

Another photo of Hoy High lighthouse and Sandside, taken from Stromness by Charlie Groundwater, who is out and about on his daily morning walk

Photo credit: Charlie Groundwater

And finally, one of my long time blogger friends writes some beautiful poetry and I always like to share it here.  This time is pretty special as there is one written about Graemsay (and Button gets a mention.  Bless her she's thrilled, well she will be when she wakes up and I tell her!)

So do take a look here :  Poems along the scenic route


  1. Button, bless her. Love it!!!!

  2. A lovely post - thank you, Sian - and thank you indirectly to Mark and Button, too! Calming and pleasing at the end of a long week in the chaos of the South-east...