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Thursday, 10 February 2022

And more recently.....


A few photos around Sandside.....  above - sunrise....  Below, the boys (Yacob and Beuy) keeping an eye on me!


These days Button can only hunt at ground level, but that doesn't stop her, nor reduce her success rate, rather surprisingly.

She may have lost her "spring" but there is nothing wrong with her hunting ears, eyes and nose - nor those jaws....

Oh the joy of a calm day..... down at the old lighthouse pier at Sandside.

Signs of Spring!  These are tete-a-tete dwarf narcissi.  They really cheer me up!

A miniature Iris hunkering down among the willow trees.

Tiny buds appearing on the willow....

These are shop bought - from the local Co-op.  But I love the smell of  Daffs so had to have some!

Big skies over Stromness and Graemsay.  A blustery day, but higher winds forecast.....


  1. Love the photos, the boys Βutton, the spring flowers. Lovely.

  2. I think M.Button has a lot of knowledge and experience in the hunting arena to fall back on.

    1. She certainly does - in all of her 16 years.....

  3. The morning just got better