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Wednesday 9 February 2022

Out and about (a bit)....


As I said in my previous post, the weather hasn't been conducive to being out and about either on Graemsay or the Orkney Mainland.  But here are a few photos from recent weeks to give a flavour of the end of January, beginning of February on the island.  

Above and in the photos below, looking across Burra Sound to the islands of Hoy

Below, the old Kirk on Graemsay

Looking down towards Scapa Flow

The old croft of  Moan between the willow trees.

And looking up the road to Quoynanap

Some days have seen blue skies and calmer seas..... Looking towards home.

The view between the handlebars!

Heading home - one of my favourite views.....

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  1. Oh how lovely! I wish I could be there too - if my life were different and I were a different person... . But it all looks so beautiful.