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Sunday, 3 April 2022

Another sun kissed beach .....


Went out yesterday adventuring in Freda the van.  I was still too sore to drive so was chauffeured around which was lovely. I didn't feel up to much wandering but did potter on a small beach in Evie on the West Mainland.  It was even warm enough to use the new camping chairs!  There aren't too many photos as I wasn't in the mood but you get the gist!  

It was a cold and frosty morning - view from the study below.  But a beautiful sail across to Stromness.

Sail away....

And at the beach in Evie... looking across to Eynhallow and Rousay.

Lovely wee pier....

Looking across to Aikerness and the Broch of Gurness.  We stopped for a picnic at the car park to the Broch which is well worth a visit.

Old boats hauled up 

It looks tropical - it wasn't!

Zoom in to see a line of Oystercatchers!


  1. A nice trip I had a Google of Evie and there's lots to see around there. Its more practical keeping the van on the mainland. Looking forward to more of your trips.

    1. Oh yes lots to see around the West Mainland - Evie, Birsay etc. One of my favourite parts of Orkney.

  2. Beautiful blue skies and spring flowers . Lovely photos