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Thursday, 7 April 2022

Sands O' Wright, South Ronaldsay....


I paid a visit to this beach a couple of weekis ago.  First proper picnic in Freda the camper.  Hot soup!  The Sands O' Wright is one of my favourite spots.  Long flat sandy beach. Parking can be a problem in summer as it is so popular, particularly with camper vans!  But we had it almost to ourselves on this visit. The photos make Orkney look positively tropical.  It WAS a warmish day when I took these photos.  We could have the van doors open, yay!  But since then it has largely been breezy, cold, with sleet, snow, hail or heavy rain.   SO weary of it now.  My lungs have become increasingly unhappy with that kind of weather.  Bring on SPRING!

Anyway back to sands and sun... Soup by the sea......

Freda enjoying the view....

Fertile farmland...

Such a gorgeous beach with gentle waves when we were there....

More fertile farmland - with ewes and early lambs.

We then drove down to Hoxa Head for a brief wander (no photos as I had the bins out watching birds flitting about and some hares. I love hares and none on Graemsay so a treat to watch them elsewhere.


  1. Freda seems to take it all in - you must of enjoyed it too!

  2. Hares are wonderfull, I remember walking with the children years ago, not far from here and we came across a nest, mother bolted but were able to see the leverets, wonderful memories.
    Freda has made a huge difference to your life.

  3. How wonderful to have your van. Makes your adventures so much more comfortable.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your outings. I am envious of Freda (brilliant idea) and love seeing where you have been. I enjoyed reading about Hoxa Head today.