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Friday 23 September 2022

Moving on.....


A very different view.....

So I am now living in Kirkwall.  On balance I'm really enjoying it. A few shops are within my walking distance, as is the harbour.  The house I am staying in temporarily is lovely and will be cosy for the winter.  Button is settling in, though struggles with the noise of a busy road next to the house.  She has an enclosed garden, and as she can no longer climb seems to be safely enclosed.  Well apart from a visiting moggy - but he (Ginge, a beautiful ginger and white cat) hasn't been round for a while.  We have no cat flap so Button is very obligingly using a litter tray again after 14 years not!  I am getting on with the litter try less well - after 14 years not!  Ho hum....

Anyway here are a few photos of the move from Graemsay and a very small part of Kirkwall!

Without a roll-on-roll-off ferry everything is craned on and off our island ferry.  Including when you move!  Although if there are extremely heavy things (like tractors) other boats are hired in by the ferry company.  Here are my worldly goods being shipped off.  Crates arrived one day, men came to fill crates the next (an art to that to ensure it's well balanced for being winched on the ferry and not too heavy in one crate, too light in another).  Crates then winched off the island, another day for re packing into a van, and delivery to my new abode.....  quite a performance really but thankfully the weather was calm and all worked well!

Of course Button has checked all was in order before despatch.....

Meanwhile a wander a few hundred yards from where I am staying down the main street in Kirkwall - it's a one way street for traffic and yes pedestrians too.

Not far from the harbout and marina.....

A useful selection of shops and cafes.

One of my favourite shops....

And yes, down the street are little secret gateways to homes and gardens....

Ah they heard Button was coming!!

On the side of one of the banks!

And some history nearby...

St Magnus Cathedral spire in view.   I can hear the bells calling the faithful to the Sunday service.

St Olaf's Wynd   Site of an 11th Century kirk (church) which may be where Kirkwall got its name (Kirk on the bay).  This door is part of a later 16th Century building. 

And a walk up to the Willows.... 

The lane to be approached with caution!  Very slippery when wet, icy, leaves falling, birds pooping etc!

And on the Willowburn road - trees and a burn!

Button becoming accustomed with a severely reduced domain.....


  1. Kirkwall is one of the most beautiful cities in the North of Europe (and the UK). I've dreamt of visiting and staying there for some time, but alas I couldn't. You are a lucky lady, Sion, you are living in the best possible place of the world, or one of the best places. I wish you the best, and healthy years to enjoy your new home and town.

    1. Sian, sorry, I'm ashamed

    2. er Why are you ashamed?!

    3. Hi Mario - it is a lovely place with some really interesting and quirky corners and lots of history.

    4. Hi Sian, I was sorry because I called you Sion, a biblical reference... glad to know you are adapting well. Your house in Graemsay was a kind of heritage manor, looking grand... now heritage is outside around. Cheers.

  2. Glad you and Button are settling in.

    1. Thanks! Takes a while to adapt but both Button and I are doing well with the compensations of more urban living...

  3. Wow! Great to hear from you Sian.