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Monday, 28 June 2010

Summer solstice

I'm sure other bloggers experience the same problem in the summer - too much happening and so little time to write about it! Anyway here, belatedly, are some photos from the summer solstice. Unfortunately the cloud came in during the evening so no spectacular sunset as you can see above. This photo was taken from Warbeth to the West of Stromness. A friend and I sat on the beach with a bottle of wine and some cookies watching the sun set and putting the world to rights! Even though it was cloudy it was still light by the time we left about 11.45 pm.

The boat trip over to Stromness in the late afternoon was beautiful. The water was so still, barely a ripple across it.

We passed a flock of gulls fishing

And then we passed into Hoy Sound with both Hoy High and Hoy Low lighthouses in sight. These lighthouses were built to guide the herring fleet to safe harbour in Stromness. Skippers would line up the lights as they came into Hoy Sound - if you are slightly off the lights show a different colour (red I think), so once they were aligned correctly they knew they were on a safe line into the harbour.


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