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Friday, 18 June 2010

Memories of Graemsay

I was delighted to receive an email this week from Erling Leask, who lived in the house at Hoy High lighthouse with his parent and brother in the late 1960's. His father, Magnus Leask, was Principal Lighthouse Keeper at the time. Erling said that Hoy Low was already automated when he lived here but he remembers going to the lighthouse with his father to change the large gas bottles which powered the light.

He went to the island school where there were a total of nine students with Mrs Moore as the schoolteacher. Erling also said he had good memories of Sandside and being on the farm. At that time Sandside was also the local post office and Gertie of Sandside was the postmistress as well as selling produce to the local community from the farm she shared with Jock. Erling remembers being sent on many occasions by his mother Margaret, to Sandside to buy milk and butter with a new 10p piece!

I do enjoy hearing about the memories of folk who lived here through the years!


  1. What a nice lighthouse. Can you see that from your place? :)

  2. Oh - did I forget to mention, I live next door to a lighthouse ;-)

    1. Hi, the family mentioned here is my family, my father is Erling Leask and I am his fourth child, and he often talks of his life growing up and my grandparents