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Sunday 20 April 2008

Barnhouse, Stenness

I’ve had several comments and emails about my reference to “Barnhouse” yesterday – I should have included a link so here it is now: The link provides information, interpretation of the site and some photos.

If you haven't already been to Skara Brae, visitors are probably be best advised to go there first for an introduction to the history of the period. The site is magnificent as are all the interpretation materials and there are folk there who can answer questions etc. However I would suggest a visit to Barnhouse afterwards. You really get the feeling of domestic spaces and can place it within the natural landscape.

Barnhouse is beside Harray Loch and the Stones of Stenness and Ring of Brodgar are also visible as is Maes Howe. Because it is a very secluded spot without all the paraphernalia of a “heritaged” site you can wander around the remains and really get a feel for how it felt to live there. Though of course the landscape has changed somewhat since then!

Grey skies here today but at least no wind and it is *dry* so off to do some more gardening before settling down to some work.


  1. Oh, dear! We went to Maes Howe, the Stones of Stenness and Ring of Brodgar (they had to DRAG me away!), but I don't remember a mention of The Barnhouse.

  2. I still remember how peaceful it was at the Ring of Brodgar. All those horrible things going on in the world, and I felt such a sense of peace there. I hope someday I can come back for another visit!

  3. Barnhouse is off the beaten track a bit and not as well publicised as the others - maybe cos it's free!

    And the other Mary - yes come back and spend more time!