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Sunday 20 April 2008

Graemsay in the news

I see that Graemsay features in the May/June edition of the magazine “Scottish Islands Explorer”. We get a four page spread of photos and info on Graemsay – not a bad write up. Though the photo of Sandside must have been taken over 10 years ago as it was before work was done on the house. We may find we get a few more visitors to the island this summer from the readership!

The afternoon has turned out warm and sunny (warm means I don’t need hat, gloves and scarf to work in the garden!). I’ve been spreading some well rotted coo manure on the garden this afternoon. I remember when I used to use manure on my garden in Kent from the stable yard where I kept Badger (my old pony). I ended up with weeds I’d never seen before! However given here the coos graze the field around the house I expect I already have most of the weeds in my garden!

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