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Saturday 2 August 2008

The rescue of Finlay II……

Well there I was pottering around yesterday when I heard a kerfuffle and squaking coming from the shrubbery outside……. So I headed out to see what was occurring. I could see Finlay III apparently attacking a fuschia bush with much vigour. On closer inspection I could just see, peeping out from underneath the bush, two black and grey tail feathers belonging to Finlay II. Poor chap – Finlay II had clearly incurred the wrath of his offspring by daring to set foot on his territory. I chased off Finlay junior back to the hen house where he should have properly been supervising his flock of hens. He was not impressed and spent most of the time crowing loudly or trying to make his escape back for the attack. However eventually the hens come out of their house to see what all the fuss was about and he was distracted enough to at least forget about his poor elderly relative cowering under the fuschia bush.

Back I went to inspect Finlay Snr, who clearly (and sensibly) had no intentions of coming out from under the bush. So I poured a little grain underneath and some bits of bread and with much rustling his beak appeared and he demolished the offering of food. It was a horrid misty damp day and I wasn’t outdoors much so I’m not sure how long he stayed there. However he now seems back to his usual self, pottering around the old garden, barns etc and steering well clear of his very uppity offspring!

Despite lots of mist this week we had a glorious sunset on Wednesday. Below is a photo taken by Irene of Breckan

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