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Friday, 1 August 2008

Update on Fitzi and me.....

I’ve been staying away from my computer for a few days due to problems with my neck & shoulder which was very painful and more conducive to lying wimpering on the sofa than sitting at my PC. However I am now well on the road to recovery (hopefully) so will try and catch up with things.

Fitzi-cat paid another visit to the vet this week – more trauma for all concerned! However the news is good – his potassium levels have returned to normal and his thyroid levels are getting there. So there are some modifications to his medication and then re-testing again in a few weeks time. Fitzi is still losing weight but the vet isn’t too concerned as he is also still classed as “obese” – sigh. Hopefully the medication will stabilise things and he’ll at least *stop* losing weight. Though getting THREE pills a day into him is something of a challenge……. Anyway he appears to be a happy cat, enjoying the sunshine and warmth when it’s around, napping, eating and generally having A Very Good Life! So fingers crossed this continues for some time to come!

The weather this week has been very changeable with a lot of sea mist. Tuesday the mist lifted long enough for an island BBQ, though as I headed home it was creeping across from Stromness again. And today after some heavy showers and a bit o’ a breeze the mist is back again. So no chance of seeing the partial eclipse of the sun today – well not the astronomical one – we got a FULL eclipse with the mist….!

Well enough computer activity for today……..

To make up for an absence of news about island life here are a couple of websites to keep you amused:

Fiona from Tankerness has taken some stunning photos from around Orkney available at her website here:

If you click on “Kayaking in Orkney” you will see some photos she took of a close encounter with a seal while out in a kayak.

Tim Wootton is a local artist and writes a great blog giving fascinating insights into his work as a wildlife artist:

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