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Tuesday 28 October 2008

In the bleak mid-winter..... well not quite....

But it *is* only 28th October so we are somewhat surprised by the bad weather so early. The whole of Britain seems to be suffering an icy blast at the moment. Here snow showers have been occurring during the night and through the morning. Though it is only lightly dusting high ground at the moment. I suspect lower ground is too wet and still too warm for it to settle for any length of time.

But with high winds and snow showers forecast for most of the day the local Orkney schools are closed (well apart for one or two). Tomorrow's forecast looks a bit brighter with less wind. I do hope so as I need to go over to Kirkwall to collect Jasper!

Many phones are still off across the county (and several on Graemsay). Radio Orkney hasn't been able to broadcast for a couple of days due to damage to a transmitter and some of the digital TV channels have been disappearing too suggesting the local transmitter mast has also had some damage.

But for today I've ordered some groceries to be delivered on the mid-day boat, have checked rechargeable torches, radio etc and will just hunker down and see how things go. I have quite a bit of work to do so I sincerely hope the power stays on at least!

Picture of Hoy hills taken just now from the front door - looks like they've had a dusting of icing sugar - anyone got a sprig of holly?! Is it me or do the Hoy Hills look like a sleeping Brontasaurus?? OK - maybe I've been shut in the house too long.....


  1. really DOES look like a sleeping brontosaurus. But with a bad case of dandruff.

    Too bad that your winter is starting so early.

  2. hello,
    i am feeling the cold too.
    i live in whalsay,shetland so know what the weather is like up
    i think everyone here is just as obsessed with the weather as you are!!!sometimes theres not much else to talk

  3. Hi Sian,

    I try to get up to Orkney as often as I can. I stayed at Houton Bay for a week last November when a huge gale hit. I saw my first snow of the year there. Funny to think that when I walked up to the the lookout point over Houton and looked over to Hoy, that I was looking down over your wee island.

    I hope you get some papers and more jam donuts soon.


  4. Mary Z :Thankfully the wintry spell has departed! See next entry. Glad you can see the brontosaurus too!

    Us Lot: Welcome to Orkney! You probably have harsher weather than we do. And I hope you manage to get back in your house soon - I admire your resilience!

    Rune: Most folk ignore Graemsay - it just appears in the foreground of lots of photos! And yes I got jammy donuts thanks.....