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Sunday 19 October 2008

Kettles and Cats…….

I’ve been pondering getting another cat. I can never replace Fitzi-cat and wouldn’t even try. But I do miss the company of a cat around the place, particularly as I work from home. Somehow it seems perfectly natural to talk to a cat, whereas I’m finding I’m talking to myself now I am without a cat companion. OK so some people think it’s odd to talk to a cat….. you don’t know what you’re missing is all I can say!

Anyway my friend, diane, said “Kettles and cats are what make a house a home”. Well I have two kettles so clearly I now need two cats! And to this end I contacted the local Orkney Cat Protection Society ( and have offered to adopt two cats. I am soon to be providing Jasper with a new home, hopefully next week. As you can see, he’s grey and white and is an adult male cat, about two years old. He was found wandering in Stromness Town square for several weeks and was rather the worse for wear (must have been consorting with the wrong company!). Anyway he is safely tucked up in a foster home in Kirkwall at the moment, having just had a small operation on his eye. And once the stitches are out he will be coming home to Graemsay. We got acquainted this week – he really is a “peedie puss”, very neat and small. He’s extremely friendly and loves a fuss, though not so keen on being picked up at the moment.

I then decided to get another cat and have put my name down for “Button” – she’s a black and white cat, about 2 years old from Westray (one of the more northerly of the Orkney Islands). I’ve not spoken to her fosterer so don’t know her story, nor if/when I can bring her to Graemsay. But fingers crossed I can give her a happy home.

I had been wondering about the practicalities of keeping two cats, then met Jasper’s foster carer – she is sight impaired with a lovely guide-dog, Paddy, has three cats of her own, and a cat cabin in the garden to foster for Cat Protection, AND usually has one or two litters of kittens indoors needing constant attention. I figured that two adult cats who would be fairly robust and go outdoors wouldn’t be too much in comparison! Not sure if they will be company for each other. Never had two cats before so we shall see. But both cats are fairly independent so hopefully won’t cause too many problems.

When I lost Fitzi I had thought I’d go a while without another cat. I was looking forward to less fur floating about the place, not having to deal with litter trays etc. But actually none of that really matters and I miss the company the most. Plus if I have a cat I have an excuse for the “dust bunnies” that float about the floor – “Oh please excuse the fur – the cat’s are moulting….” I can tell visitors which sounds better than admitting I’m too lazy to vacuum!


  1. Oh, Sian, I am delighted. Jasper & Button have no idea how lucky they are. I have always been a "dog person" but finally relented to my daughter's years of pestering & homed a cat just over 2 years ago. Marmite is just as good company as our dog, Penny. In a year's time I may be living alone if both of my "children" are students so I know how important our animals can be - agree about the kettles as well!

  2. Good for you! I know how hard it is to have to live without your best furry friend, especially one who has taken you through such changes in your life. But I firmly believe that no one should walk into an empty house. Even better, you have given a home to 2 homeless furry people. I'm sure you will have much love and laughter.

  3. How wonderful for you, Sian! It'll be such fun for the three of you to get to know each other. And we get to see photos and read your stories.

    We've been pet-less in our house for some years, and will continue to be until we stop traveling so much. But we're looking forward to bringing "furry friends" back into our lives.

  4. Thanks for all your positive comments. Yes I'm looking forward to having some furry companions around again. I grew up with dogs but seem to be more of a cat person these days. I like their inedpendent natures!