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Monday 20 October 2008

Wind, eggs and mobile phones.....

The storm force winds forecast for the weekend don’t seem to have arrived which is a relief. Today it’s turned bright and sunny, though it is a bit breezy. The forecast is for the winds to get stronger again at the end of the week. So hatches remain battened…..

I took the opportunity this morning to go and collect the hens eggs. They lay in a dark corner of a disused barn quite near the shore and I usually avoid going there when the wind is from the South West as it just whips through the gaps between the barns and byres and knocks me off my feet. So today I managed to collect five lovely eggs – good I can bake a cake today then!

I usually put the eggs in my coat pocket and deposit them in the utility room once I get back indoors. I am particularly careful about this as a few years ago I forgot to remove the eggs, and later that day jumped into the car and drove off to visit a neighbour. Fortunately my coat was quite thickly lined and it was only when I took off my coat once I got home, and stuck my hand in my pocket to retrieve my mobile phone that I learned the error of my ways. I tried cleaning up the phone but it had egg yolk oozing out of it for days afterwards and the insides must have been all gummed up. It was an old second-hand phone fortunately – as I wouldn’t have like trying to convince the insurance company to pay out on THAT excuse!

Now I just use a cheap mobile phone which can easily be replaced, and try and remember to remove ALL eggs from pockets as soon as I get indoors!

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