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Thursday 25 December 2008

A beautiful peaceful day here......

...... and hoping it is with you. There was a lovely sunrise this morning at a very civilised time of 9.15ish. But I watched it in bed, drinking tea and with a purring Button beside me. Magic!

It is so quiet outside - no wind! The water is still and calm and the sun is still shining though some grey clouds are trying to douse it's glow. But the Sun will not give in that easily today!

Button enjoyed a stroll out with me this morning.

"Did someone mention a lighthouse? I see no lighthouse....."


  1. LOL. That photo could be titled "cat, with lighthouse." I didn't realize you had a lighthouse nearby.

  2. Did I not mention it? It must have slipped my mind......

  3. A belated Happy Christmas, Sian. What Peace! How lovely to have Button with you to enjoy it - lovely photos.

  4. Mary Z & Jo - glad you could drop by! Weather is still so calm, it is glorious.