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Saturday 27 December 2008

The road is paved....

.....with good intentions as they say! I had planned to do more with my blog over the holiday, however have been fighting a virus so as you see...... didn't manage to post much!

Anyway above is sunset on Boxing Day. The sun has just sunk behind the Hoy Hills. The weather is still glorious for December. So still and calm! The reflection from the lights of Stromness reached the Graemsay shore last night. It was beautiful.

I went for a brief walk along the shore yesterday and noticed that "the links" have taken a battering during the recent storms. The links are made up of sand and marram grass and I've noticed the erosion in the 8 years I've been here. I've heard stories that years ago the links were flat and wide and wedding marches would process along the top of them. Now in places you'd have to tightrope walk along a ridge and clamber up and down gullies.

I am fascinated by the way the landscape is constantly shaped by the elements, but it will be a shame when/if the links finally disappear. For one thing our "main" road runs by them. The council have talked for years about re-routing the road but who knows when it will happen.

Button has been enjoying the still nights and has been out for the whole night two nights running! I did give her a yell at 3am this morning when I was down making a cup of tea, but still no sign. She eventually rolled home at 7.45 demanding breakfast.....

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