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Monday 29 December 2008

What - no eggs!

Both the hens also seem to be enjoying an Xmas break - no eggs for the last two days! Harumph. And just when I was planning on experimenting with some recipes from a Christmas present "baking" book.........

Actually I think White Hen hasn't been laying for a while. Her comb and wattles are quite pale. Whereas Brown Hen still has bright red wattles (an indication she's still laying). She may just be hiding her eggs somewhere that I have yet to find. It is a nuisance though - bless her!

I may shut them in the hen house overnight to see if I get any eggs - though my hens have a knack of sitting with crossed legs till they are let out before they part with their eggs!

I was up feeding Breckan's kitty this morning and took today's photos. Another beautiful calm day and the Hamnavoe was just sailing past Hoy Low (yes another light house!). Hoy Low is a short dumpy light house, compared to Hoy High which is a tall one - hence the names.... The Hamnavoe was arriving from Scrabster and the picture below is it sailing into Stromness Harbour.

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  1. As soon as I discovered this site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.