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Thursday 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy NewYear to everyone! Today is a beautiful sunny day and quite mild. No frost compared to the last few days which have been very icy.

I missed out on the island party last night as I am still harbouring the virus that has robbed me of my voice (much rejoicing from certain quarters there....) and I still feel unwell. So am generally staying in the warm and not spreading germs or collecting new ones!

I did go out and feed the hens (mashed potatoes as a New Year treat), and Button accompanied me for a walk. She could hear voices and a dog barking so she scrambled up onto the roof of a nearby byre to take a look! She pretended she couldn't get down again but I wasn't falling for that old trick and wandered back home. She soon joined me! She loves these still days and often stays out for hours. But she didn't like the cold frost on her paws and sat for ages on the windowsill outdoors and eventually came indoors, complaining.

Snack time I think now, so off to put the kettle on for tea and choose from a wide selection of chocolate! And there is no truth in the rumour that I have told everyone to stay away because I have a virus when in reality I just don't want to share my chocolate!!


  1. Hello Sian and Happy New Year!!


    We should use semaphore or smoke signals, across the water perhaps - but either way we should visit each other's wonderful homes. When is a good time?

    Best wishes - M

  2. I do wave to you each morning you know, but you never wave back ;-)

    A Tues, Weds, or Friday are probably good days as more boats. I'll email you and we can sort something out. Would be great to show you round Graemsay - even in Winter!