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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wind, what wind?

Photo: Sunrise

Fortunately the forecast storm seemed to miss us. OK it *was* windy - but when you are expecting winds of 100mph and they only get up to 55mph with gusts up to 70mph - well you just think there's just a bit o' a breeze out there!

I managed to sleep through the whole thing anyway and there seems to be no damage around outside Sandside so that's good news too!

Though in Orkney anything not tied down by the first gale in October is long gone by now. I do get worried about flying debris hitting windows, particularly the conservatory windows at the back of the house. But I tend to go into ostrich mode and stick my head under the duvet - nothing I can do about it anyway!!

Even the sea is quite calm this morning so can't have been too bad during the night. And a lovely bright sunny morning it is too.

I opened the hatch for the hens to come out - it's still quite breezy but they are sheltered down by the hen house so should be quite safe. They will stick around the door for a while anyway before exploring too far. Unfortunately I am NOT getting any eggs at the moment, despite them being shut in for about three days! However the new hens are young so hopefully they will just be starting to come into lay soon. Don't know the names of the new hens yet - will have to get better acquainted first!

Waves on the shore below Sandside this morning (Stromness in the background)


  1. Sian, your photos are so beautiful - you are obvously enjoying your new camera! Glad you haven't been blown away. Hope the hens start laying soon - more cakes! Take care. Jo

  2. I'm lucky to live among amazing scenery so that helps! And yes I hope the hens start laying soon - shop bought eggs just aren't the same!