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Saturday 17 January 2009

Calm before the storm

All is quiet weatherwise at the moment. The sea is calm and the sky quite bright, though some clouds coming in.

However THIS is the weather chart for tonight! Orkney is the little blob off the top right hand corner of the UK - the one under the dark red mass - er, I think there's going to be more than "a bit o' a breeze" tonight! Although by the look of it most of the UK will find it a bit breezy - stay safe everyone!

Courtesy of Magic Seaweed website:


  1. Scary - stay inside snug and warm with Buttons.

  2. It's been a fairly calm day weatherwise, but at 1730 (UK time) I can hear the wind getting up a bit. Am trying to persuade Button she'll be better of indoors this evening!

  3. Well, Sian, we are listening to the wind down here but I bet it`s not a patch on yours!

  4. I was wondering how you were doing - not much shelter from the wind where you are! Stay safe and cosy indoors! As I type (9.30) average wind speed is 55 knots (64mph) and gusts over 60 knots (70mph) and still strengthening - sigh.

  5. The only consolation for us here in Westray is that everything on the croft that could blow away, already has. Fingers crossed it doesn't last too long.

    Incidentally, some idiot of an amateur weather forecaster told me before Christmas that January was going to be quiet!

  6. Malc - there may be a clue as to why the weather forecaster is still an amateur......! Mind you the professionals don't always get it right!