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Friday 16 January 2009

New camera.....!

New to me anyway. Have just purchased a second-hand camera from D. who does his own wonderful pictures. And no I don't expect my pictures to automatically be wonderful because I've bought his camera ;-)

Have just been practising with the on/off switch, and taking snaps this afternoon as I have yet to read the manual......... The sunset above was taken this afternoon from my front door.

We had a power cut this afternoon lasting several hours (longer than expected) so I went out and about with the camera as I couldn't do much else. Well I did also make a pot of sweet potato and butternut squash soup as that only needed gas to simmer along happily.

I was over in town (Stromness) this morning, picking up aforementioned camera, and getting some supplies in as storm force winds again forecast for tomorrow. Apparently that's why the electricity board were working on the line today as it got damaged in a high wind last week and they didn't think it would survive this weekend's weather so were undertaking some maintenance. Let's hope it is robust!

Button went out last night, despite it being a little breezy. I wish she could talk (well English instead of feline......) as she returned with both her back legs completely sodden as though she had fallen in something, but her front end was completely dry. No idea what she had been up to. It's possible she'd met one of the wandering farm cats and had a bit of a spat and ended up in the bucket of water I keep near the hen house. But who knows really what she was up too!!

Anyway here's some more photos.

OK, maybe a fit out of focus - waves on the shore......

High Tide at Sandside Bay

One of my favourite photographic subjects, an old boat on the shore just below the byres at Sandside. I want to have a go at some "arty" shots with this.


  1. Great photos, Sian! I know you're going to enjoy your new toy.

  2. Great stuff; you will be getting photoshop next. Not that you will need it, you have all the scenery you need.

  3. Already have photoshop but never really got to grips with it! Have a new "How to" book so must get stuck into that. I do some basic "cropping" and tweaking with another program but nothing sophisticated.