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Sunday 11 January 2009

New Bread Maker

Today I finally had the chance to try out my new breadmaker which arrived this week. At last the house is once again filled with the scent of baking bread - ooooh one of my favourite smells!

So I've just baked (well OK my breadmaker has just baked.....) a spicy fruit loaf. It looks OK but I'm still waiting for it to cool so will have to reserve judgement on how it tastes!

This breadmaker (Panasonic) has a little dispenser for fruit, nuts etc which is great. My old machine would beep after 30 minutes so you had to be within hearing distance or keep an eye on the clock to add seeds, nuts etc. Slightly defeats the object of an automatic bread maker as far as I'm concerned!

I now also have lots of new recipes using different flours and ingredients so I shall look forward to experimenting over the next few weeks.

I was almost tempted to do some baking today too, as I got a new recipe book for Christmas. But as I also had to do some work I didn't think I'd have the time and energy for both so have had to content myself with a fresh new loaf and leave the experimentation with cookies for another day.........

Hmmmm think the bread might have cooled enough to eat now!


  1. Oooo...We'll all have to get out our bread makers again!

  2. I'm delighted to say that Maureen is the bread-maker in this house. She usually bakes batches of a dozen loaves and rolls which are then frozen down. Her recipe doesn't involve all the usual lengthy "proving" and the resulting loaves taste delicious

  3. Oh, yum! You're really mean for torturing us like that. I've never had a bread maker, but I did make our bread for a couple of years. Freshly baked bread has got to be one of the best things in the world.

  4. Bev - yes and swap recipes. LOL!

    Bruce - I'm impressed that Maureen does all the bread-making by hand and without the "proving". I used to do the manual method years ago but once I lost the coal fire gave up as results weren't so good. Now I like the idea of throwing all the ingrediants into the pan, going off to my study to work for a few hours and coming back to a lovely freshly baked loaf, with the house smelling wonderful!.

    Mary Z - yes the smell of freshly baked bread takes me back to my childhood! Nowadays I love experimenting with "seeded" breads and different types of dough too.