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Sunday 26 April 2009

Of Spring, Sunsets and Sunday

I've had a fairly relaxing Sunday today, got up late, did a few domestic things, worked a little, and sat and mused looking out at the misty landscape while drinking copious quantities of tea! This morning was beautiful, though misty, but warm and I planted some more seeds - "Love in a Mist". But I needed a break from gardening as I overdid things a bit yesterday with some digging, and general sorting out of the garden, so I contented myself with inspecting the plants emerging from Winter. I just love this time of year. Here are some photos of the willows, plus I am delighted to see that the "Forget-me-nots" transplanted from a friend's garden in Kent have survived the winter and are growing healthily in the rear border.

Button is out most of the day now. I do fear for fledgling birds later in the year though - sigh. She has already got her eye on a sparrow's nest in a wall in one of the old farm buildings. However there is a healthy population of sparrows around - they line up waiting for the hens to finish with the scraps I put out for them in the morning, then the sparrows fly down and finish off what's left (I always put out extra for the wee birds!).

And this last week we have had some beautiful sunsets. I can just sit in the conservatory and watch the sun drop below the horizon. Just magical.


  1. Sounds like a lovely Sunday.

    Button does make me laugh, and she reminds me of "Bits" - a black and white cat my family got as a kitten when I was nine. Only Bits was so busy chasing and beating up any other 4 legged being that dared to venture onto her territory that she never learnt to hunt. The only bird she ever "caught" had flown into a window and stunned itself.

    That's a very beautiful Springtime you have there,

    care and huggles from Michelle and Zebbycat

  2. It looks very very lovely - you don't need a polytunnel - I know it all changes in the blink of an eye.

    What are those huge chimneys attached to large building. Looks out of scale for the Orkneys. Or have my eyes gone squiff?

    When is it getting dark in the evenings? Have you reached that nearly-almost-light time?

  3. Mickle - Button is out more and more now the weather is warmer, but I'm hoping she's spending most of the time dozing in the sun somewhere and not decimating the bird population!

    Paula - well I still dream of a polytunnel - can't grow runner beans, courgettes, marrows, raspberries or tomatoes outdoors here. The Chimneys are on the Lighthouse accommodation next door and are a common design on Scottish Lighthouses designed by the Stevenson Brothers. The lighthouse and accommodation was built around 1860 on Graemsay (I think). As to sunset - 8pm so yes the long light evenings are approaching, but not quite to the nearly-almost-light all the time time just yet. Getting there though! And I'm watching the sunset tracking across the Sound a little bit each night :-)

  4. What a sunset! What a view!

  5. Some lovely pictures. Thanks for the update. Glad your forget-me-nots are flourishing! Maybe Button would like to go a couple of rounds with my kestrel pair? Jane

  6. beautiful sunset! Hope Button appreciates it!

  7. I never tire of sitting watching the sunset. It's moved along to almost touch the northern shore of the Orkney mainland now.

    Touchstones - I've watched many a beautiful sunset from your beach too!