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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sea Cat.....

Busy week work-wise so not much time to chat on blog. However it's a beautiful Spring day today so I wanted to share some photos after the snowy ones at the weekend!

Further adventures with Button on the Beach (think she's been reading the story of "The Mousehole Cat" (Mowzer) by Antonia Barber and Nicola Bayley), as long as she doesn't try and tame the Storm Cat we should be OK..... Button has however been accompanying other folk to the beach too. The kids next door thought she was really funny scooting around when they were on the beach (though she kept a safe distance from the kids!) and now look out for her when they visit the shore!

And then the hens - maybe they are seeking a new summer residence?

And then there's the primroses - oh and - er - Button.....


  1. Recently found your blog, and laughed at and loved Button's antics.

    She is a determined pusscat, well worthy of your love.

    Is Autumn here in Wellington, NZ. While I'm finding the nights chilly I guess they might be balmy to you.

    My rescue cat, Zebby, is hard at work sleeping on the bed we share. I'm such a pushover - 1 queen sized beddybize + 1 human + 1 Zebbycat = gentle "challenges" for space over Summer. Now he wants to snuggle up to me now is cooler.

    Can you get a volume control for a Zebbycat purrbox?

    Really like reading your blog, hope your spring continues to become warmer with much enjoyment for you,

    Michelle and my Zebbycat in NZ

  2. What fun to watch your baby. And now you and Mickle need to get your two babies from opposite ends of the world together.

  3. My dear old Fitzi cat used to sleep on the bed and there were several times where I would wake up hanging off the edge while he was sprawled across it! Like you I had a large bed - but I still didn't get much space left for me! However Button is banned from the bedroom - I never started letting her in so that is easy enough. Though on some wild winter nights I do miss not having a kitty to snuggle up to.

    And no kitty's don't seem to come with volume controls for anything - including demanding meoooows for where the h*ll is my dinner?

    Mary Z - I'm not sure a hyper kitty and a laid back snoozy kitty would get on that well together. One wants to play and the other is busy expending energy snoozing!