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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Buzz Buzz

I've neglected the flower border recently in favour of the veggie patch, but took a wander past today and the cornflowers are in full bloom. I just love the vibrant blue - as do the bees! There were at least six bees engrossed in the blooms on just one plant.

And the Forget-me-nots are looking delicate and beautiful today too.

And could someone please tell me what this very common perennial is called? A friend gave it to me last year and I've forgotten it's name (if I ever knew it!).

The border is just coming into flower - I like to remind myself of "before" and "after" as some days it doesn't feel as if I've come very far cultivating a garden - and then I look at how it was a couple of years ago and feel I'm making progress!


  1. exquisitely beautiful photo of the bee and the cornflower - he looks in a state of bliss.

  2. Throughstones - yes I think he is! The bees just love the cornflowers and are buzzing and humming around them all day. I just love sitting and watching them!

    MaryZ - slow progress, but at least progress!

  3. Note to self - yellow plant may be a type of mimulus...?