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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Graemsay Ferry

Here's a picture of the "Graemsay" ferry in dry dock - no, they didn't forget to unload the passengers...... it's a model! Brilliantly put together by Alan P. in Cumbria. I think he's made an excellent job of it. Alan contacted me last year as he had started on the model using some plans of the original ship, but had noticed on my blog photos that the back deck looked different. So I was tasked with taking photos of the back deck and fittings so Alan could make a faithful reproduction. I got some odd looks from the tourists on the boat who were busy photographing scenery while this odd woman was photographing steps, doors, ropes etc.......

And here is the "Graemsay" on it's first "sea trial" (OK it was on a pond, but given the scale of the boat, "sea trial" sounds more appropriate").


  1. Thank you Sian for your kind comments. You did so well at your task that I am thinking of building a Scottish Fife fishing boat that will be named after you.
    No I am not kidding, I will email in the near future. :)


  2. What a lovely model. What happens when animals go to market in large numbers? Are they put on deck by crane in a large container?

  3. I love it. It looks great.

    Walt Sykes, former passenger

  4. Alan - I would be honoured to have one of your boats named after me! I look forward to hearing more about it.

    Minerva - cattle get lifted on and off the boat one by one in a box, and sheep a few at a time. It's quite a performance for all concerned.

    Walt - it is a great replica isn't it! I think Alan has done a brilliant job.