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Monday 14 December 2009

Button is on a diet.....

This is A Bad Thing as far as she is concerned - of course. But she has put on weight since she was last at the vets...... I had hoped that increasing her tinned cat food would reduce the intake of wild food but this isn't working as she eats her regular dinner and then gets a carry out to bring home! So I'm reducing the intake of cat food and deciding she needs more exercise......

Day 1 of The Diet: less food for breakfast and when she sits complaining she gets put outside the front door and I lock the cat flap so she can't come in..... it's a nice day............ I make tea and wander up to my study to work - she's waiting for me sitting outside study window..... complaining loudly..... I ignore her..... after 5 minutes this becomes difficult........ I go downstairs and open the back door, she sits on the end of the roof pretending she can't get down......... I ignore her - I'm not stupid..... I close the door and go back upstairs to the study..... repeat of complaining loudly on windowsill. Eventually I put on coat and boots and walk along path to the edge of the roof where she can jump down onto the wall - she needs "rescuing" from hens who are also sitting at base of wall...... this accomplished she trots indoors behind me wearing a look of triumph ........ it's scary having a cat who is cleverer than me.......

And in this photo I suspect she is trying to work out how she can fool the scales....... oh it was ever thus wasn't it girls.......?


  1. Full sympathy and understanding. Zebby has been getting way too demanding lately. He is now at his Vets' cattery as I head off up to the Folks for Xmas today, Tuesday.

    Delighted that my favourite Vet Nurse is on cattery duty over Xmas, I feel far less guilty! This lovely young woman is looking forward to getting to know Zebby better.

  2. Oh dear, poor Button! The carry out made me smile. You could try dry food - it takes much longer to eat than tinned so it might make her feel less like you're trying to starve her. Ours live quite happily on Birsay Farmers' dry food which seems to have as much identifiable meat in it as the big brands :-)

  3. I would say "poor thing", but clearly she has the upper hand, er, paw.
    I am fortunate that I can fill my cat's food dish with dry food and she'll eat her way through it slowly and then much later sit rather patiently staring at an empty dish, or at the cupbard door behind which is her food, until I come into the kitchen.

  4. And if nothing else YOU will lose weight trotting up and downstairs and outside :-)

    In case I don't have time later here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Rosie x