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Monday 7 December 2009


I was in Stromness today visiting the dentist and finishing off some Christmas shopping. The dental surgery is out on the Garson industrial estate in Stromness, and I took the opportunity to drive to the shore for the view above of the sun setting behind the Hoy Hills.

Above is the Hamnavoe, the ferry which sails between Stromness and Scrabster (North of Scotland). It dwarfs the wee boats at the harbour, even the town looks like a toy beside it!

It was a very high tide today with the boats bobbing level with the harbour wall

Stromness had it's Christmas decorations aglow - the Christmas tree in the centre of town, and coloured lights strung across the main street. And yes folks - this is the Stromness "main street" - and no it's not one way traffic....... it makes for natural traffic calming measures as you will meet traffic coming both ways AND shop doors open directly onto the street! The road covering is natural Stromness flagstone.


  1. Beautiful sunset and very nice shots of Stromness. Hope the dentist wasn't too much of an ordeal.

  2. Beautiful shots.

    Looks like we might be in the UK in August (near Oxford). We wish we could invite ourselves to visit you, but I'm afraid the logistics would be way too difficult. 8^(

  3. Martin - dentist stopped the toothache so it was a positive experience for once!

    Mary Z - Oooooh what a shame you can't make it up this far north - but I do understand!! Sad though I am not to meet you in person - sigh