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Thursday 15 March 2012

No really - it is a different sunset....

....from the one I posted yesterday. Just from the same viewpoint a week later!! You can just see the "main road" of Graemsay, the single track public road that runs around the island.

The days are lengthening now which is wonderful. Sunrise was at 6.25 am and sunset was at 6.15 pm today.  Whoo Hooo!  In celebration of Spring I was out doing a little light digging of part of the veg patch today. Next week my friend, Mrs Orkney Flowers, is coming over to help me do a bit more digging. (There Mrs Flowers, it's in print so you have to come!!).

One of the young cockerels was appreciative of a light supper before toddling off to roost for the night.

The bright green leaves are appearing at the base of the furry buds on the willow trees.

And the lungwort (commonly known as "soldiers and sailors") is growing rapidly..... this will have pink and blue flowers on it through Spring and Summer.

So.... a lovely end to a Spring day..... Wintery showers are forecast for the weekend....sigh....


  1. I can see it is, Sian, the clouds are different. :-) I wish the soil was dry enough to work down here....

    1. Given how much rain we've had here through the winter I'm amazed it's dry enough to work now! But it's just the right consistency, not too wet and not too dry.

  2. Ice pellets, rain and snow today ... spozed to warm up tomorrow ... up to 5C that is...

    1. Brrrr..... though it's only about 8 or 9 degrees here, there's little wind and the sun is out so it's another lovely day. Need to do some work today but hoping to get out in the garden later!