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Saturday 14 April 2012

BASE jump from Hoy Cliffs anyone??

Saw this clip of a base jump by a chap called Simon Brentford from St John's Head (highest cliffs in the UK) last week.  Deeply bonkers but amazing.  If you fear heights don't watch.  But ooooh if you love heights this is for you!!


  1. Utter madness!! ( oh to be young enough!)

  2. Oo-er! Must be completely off his trolley - I couldn't even get within 20 yards of that cliff edge (not even when I was a lot younger than I am now!) Enjoy your meeting with Perpetua when it happens - you'll love her. When she gets back home to Wales, she'll be getting me blogging (we've started, but I didn't write down what she told me, so I've forgotten most of it - senior moments!!)

    Greetings & good wishes.

  3. Great to watch, but not to try. I'm not that adventuresome.

  4. What a location to land ! What a view on the way down !