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Monday 2 April 2012

Hot cat.....

There is no danger of Button ever getting cold....cats have a natural knack of seeking out any source of heat.....

But with a snow shower approaching across the water, she may have to move over and that will ever happen.....

Still I spent some time baking yesterday (helped warm up the house!) and am tucking into Weslh cakes (promise I will post recipe soon!), shortbread and my first attempt at Scottish Pancakes (in Scotland folk would just refer to them as pancakes....!).  These are eaten with butter and preserves and best eaten warm. (see photo).  So I have some internal warmth from Cake even if Button is hogging the external warmth!


Last week I mentioned that the local Orkney abattoir had ceased trading. Today there are talks with the local council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise plus a Scottish government department to try and find a resolution that would at least see local slaughtering facilities continue. Hopefully some of the 30 workers would still be employed.  And it will avoid the ridiculous situation of having to ship all livestock south to the Scottish Mainland and re-import the carcases for all the local retailers. Not good for retailers, environment OR livestock welfare.  Hopefully a solution can be found. The local authority own the abattoir and it is leased by the current company so there is hope that someone can take it over. But it's uncertain what will happen to the brand "Orkney Gold", which is top of the range beef produced in Orkney, mostly for export.

Meanwhile in another blow to the Orkney food sector, the Orkney Herring Company has also ceased trading, with the loss of 15 jobs. In a small community that has quite an impact. However Orkney Herring have a good market including leading supermarkets - they process herring (and other seafood) in marinades. Delicious. I do hope that business continues! Again it's hoped a rescue package can be found. Though the fish itself is imported to Orkney, rather than caught locally. But it's a great product and good for local employment AND raising the profile of Orkney.


  1. You snow has now reached us too, Sian. I bet you enjoyed your tea. We just had new bread and home-made jam today as we're busy trying to mend our broken dishwasher.... Sorry to hear about a second firm in difficulties. I do hope a solution can be found.

  2. Cats are extremely resourceful creatures when it comes to keeping warm!
    Mmmm, yummy, I love pikelets with jam and whipped cream, or honey.

  3. Who doesn't eat pancakes hot ? In Canada, we put butter and maple syrop on 'em.

    Stay warm !

  4. Gosh, I hadn't realised Orkney Herring had also gone bust. That's not good!