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Saturday 7 April 2012

I saw a ship come sailing in.... completely mis-quote an old English Christmas Carol, but I did only see one...  The "Gulden Leeuw" is back in Orkney this Easter and sailing into and out of Stromness over the weekend. Folk can go for a sail but I'm contenting myself with watching it from the shore. It is a beautiful vessel.  These photos were taken by Irene of Breckan on Graemsay. She had a better view and better camera than I did! Though the weather is a bit grey and dreary today, at least it's not too windy or raining! Above is the ship sailing past Hoy Low lighthouse.

The Gulden Leeuw was one of the ships that were here last Summer for the Tall Ships Race and it's lovely to see her back again. Some pictures from that time are here and here and finally here!

Below - coming out of Stromness. As you can see farmers are busy ploughing fields now Spring is here and the land has dried out a bit.

A close up as it sails past the Point of Ness campsite outside Stromness.

And sailing past the golf course with the town in the background.

Note: And YES! I have heating!!! Oooh the joy!!  Though I went a bit OTT (over the top) and needed to open a window today as it was too warm indoors....


  1. Beautiful pictures of a fabulous ship. Linda xxx

    1. Thanks Linda. It's been lovely watching it sailing in and out of the harbour.

  2. "As you can see farmers are busy ploughing fields now Spring is here and the land has dried out a bit."

    Sian, I looked and looked ... but I couldn't find 'em ... lol

    We have the tall ships coming to Halifax this summer.

    Tell Irene she took a lovely photo.

    1. LOL! Well OK I was extrapolating... behind the ship in the second photo you can see brown fields! This means the farmers are newly ploughing them. In my professional life I know I have to be precise - I should maybe translate that into my "other" life too ;-)

  3. So pleased to hear about your heating being restored ... I am sure the heat seeking Button is also pleased! Happy Easter ... having a break (with a glass of wine) while I fix Easter Sunday lunch.

    Anne in Cambridge

  4. Gorgeous photos, Sian. There's something about a sailing ship.... Glad to hear about the heating. :-)