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Sunday, 16 September 2012

And more from Dorset...

We paid a visit to Forde Abbey while in Dorset.  This is still a family run home and estate. The house began life as a Medieval Monastery before being turned into a country estate. The architecture is still very reminiscent of ecclesiastical buildings.  The gardens are beautiful, even at the end of Summer they are a riot of colour.

A small lake has a magnificent fountain that is one of the highest I've seen.

And grazing contentedly on the lawn was "Twiglet", the old family pony. He's 46 years old!! He was oblivious to all the visitors, just happily munching on the lovely grass.

And on the subject of four legged creatures....we also visited the Dorset Donkey Sanctuary.  I came soooo close to adopting two donkeys.....

If it wasn't for the fact they don't do well in rain (their coats aren't waterproof), I would have had two shipped up to Graemsay immediately!!  I just love donkeys!  OK, they make a bit of noise, but they are such lovely creatures.

At the sanctuary you could "meet and greet" donkeys in the yard. They loved having their heads and backs scratched!  These two were doing some mutual grooming....

The Donkeys with "special needs" were in a barn nearby, but also had access to outdoors. These donkeys need extra feeds or medication.

And were quite happy to chat through the fence!

The hairy donkey reminded me of Highland Cattle, but is actually an unusual French breed.  It's companion is a mule I think.....

I mean - how can you resist fluffy lugs (ears) like these??

But I did, somehow,  largely by being bodily dragged from the sanctuary before I could sign the adoption form.....sigh.....


  1. Oh how disappointing about their coats not being water proof. Perhaps we could cross-breed them with ducks. ;-)

    They are so adorable.

    Can't get over that pony being 46 !!!

    1. LOL! Can you imagine a combined quack and bray?? They ARE adorable! And I was amazed at the age of the pony too. My old pony lived till 30 and I've known others live longer, but Twiglet looked so WELL!

  2. Do you know author Jon Katz? (Not personally, but his books). He has a web site,, which you might like. He lives on a farm and has a real reverence for donkeys.

    1. Thanks for that link. I shall have to check him out :-)

  3. You've been ABROAD! What a world away from Orkney. It's lovely to go away and just as good to return home.

    1. I had such a lovely time exploring a part of the UK I hadn't been to before. But oh yes it is so lovely to come home again too :-)