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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Last of the holiday snaps....

Here are a few random pictures of Lyme Regis. I just loved the harbour and the buildings around the town.

Here you can just see the Cobb along the shoreline

This boat is called a "gig" and Lyme Regis has a very active gig racing club. It was great to watch the boats out in the bay.

Colourful fishing nets around the harbour

These pink cottages are on many a postcard. You can imagine Jane Austen walking through the door of one. However they were built after her visit to Lyme so sadly it's not likely to have been a reality.

Seen from the promenade below.

Pink is clearly a popular colour for houses along te promenade!  This house had quite unusual architectural features - not least the rather elaborate drain pipes!

And that's the end of my Lyme Regis adventure.  No this picture isn't of a tropical island but of the shore just along from Lyme Regis.... who needs the Caribbean!

Below is a picture of the apartment block we stayed in. If you're looking to stay in the town I do recommend Lyme Bay Holiday company.

Right - now time to drag my mind from the memory of warm sunshine to the cool autumnal weather in Orkney!


  1. Oh the Orkneys are so very much on my "bucket list"

  2. Yes, we would love to see your islands, too - but what wonderful photos of Lyme, especially your reflection and the nets.