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Saturday, 27 October 2012

First snow of winter.....

.... in OCTOBER?!!  Brrrr!  After the gloriously warm and sunny weather of the last week, we have had snow/sleet/hail showers for the last few days. Thankfully none of the snow has settled.  But it's been windy.... from the North.... so yes that's COLD!

OK - I realise for those of you who live in climates where snow is not mentioned till it gets to 6 feet deep that this seems like I'm being a bit of a drama queen.... but in Orkney we don't get much snow usually or even much to get it in October is a bit depressing. It makes winter feel like it's going to be looooong.  Which of course is not necessarily so.

Snow sliding down the window pane....

Tonight the clocks go back an hour as it's the end of "British Summer Time"....sobs quietly...... ah well, time to hunker down in the warm with lots of books and chocolate!

A wee bit of a "blizzard" yesterday afternoon hiding the Hoy hills.... but it didn't last for long.


  1. cold arrive here too; we've lost 20 degrees in a week !!! hello winter ;)

  2. Yes it's the sharp drop in temperature that is the shock I think! We didn't lose 20 degrees (we don't GET 20 degrees except in high summer), but we lost about 10 degrees and that was bad enough. Brrr! Stay warm!

  3. I'm amazed that you don't get much snow given your latitude. You're on a level with Hudson's Bay !

    Thank goodness for that warm ocean current.

  4. I heard you got snow, Sian, so I'm glad to hear it didn't last. October is definitely too early, even for a dusting.