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Friday 19 October 2012


Now you don't hear me speak about SunRISE very often! It's only in winter, when the sun has the decency to arrive at a respectable hour, that I get a chance to photo this beautiful time of day. Sunrise is about 8am at the moment. In deepest Winter it will be after 9am...sigh..... However this week I was off to the town and managed to glimpse the sun awakening over Scapa Flow. So enjoy these (rare for me!) photos!

Pink clouds behind Hoy High lighthouse...

Clouds warming up behind the Orphir hills on the Orkney Mainland.

This is my favourite with the rising sun reflecting on the pebbles on the shore. This was taken at the Graemsay Pier, looking down Scapa Flow...


  1. It gets easier and easier to catch the sunrise and it gets later every day. ;-)

  2. LOL, Sian. I don't do sunrise either unless I must. :-) Worth tit though for the photos this time.